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Unleash Your Potential and UniQUE GENIUS

Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs to Pursue Your Life Purpose and Create a Life by Design Instead of Duty

Step 1:
watch the replay

Step 2:
Join the traits of the great live workshop

Overcome Your Most Challenging Limiting Beliefs to Create a Life by Design Instead of Living a Life of Duty

Implement the step-by-step systems that have been utilized for 50+ years in assisting individuals in pursuing an inspiring and purposeful life.
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A $3,500 Value!

  • Live Traits of the Great Workshop - $549

  • One-on-One Support from Human Behavioral Specialists Carly Pepin and Amar Virk during the workshop to assist you in education and having a transformational experience in a small intimate setting - $2,400

  • Traits of the Great Workbook with worksheets and systems to ensure you continue to overcome your limiting beliefs and create a life by design instead of duty - $350

  • BONUS: Replay of the "Increasing Your Self Confidence" live training hosted by Carly Pepin - $100

  • Access to our private online Facebook Group where you can get more insights, ask questions, and connect with like minded individuals 

Best Value

The Psychology of Wealth



The Psychology of Wealth Online with Bonuses

Live Psychology of Wealth Workshop

Psychology of Wealth Workbook + Worksheets

Laughing During a Meeting

Our Next Training


Online Via Zoom

Saturday August 26th from 8:00am - 5:00pm PDT

Sunday August 27th from 8:00am - 5:00pm PDT


"Super grateful for all the insight and hard work you’ve both put into your shared inspiring vision. Thank you for offering your genius and gifts to me so I can pass on the torch myself in my own unique way!"

Brady Heath, Master Health Coach at Boundless Well Being

“Since taking ‘Traits of the Great,’ I’ve recommended it to at least three people who I know would benefit from taking it themselves. I’ve personally noticed shifts in my thoughts processes and perspectives, as well as in the emotions and charges connected with trauma and blockages from the past. From putting in the work, I’ve experienced healing in areas that long haunted my subconscious. The lessons taught in this course ultimately help to clear the road to fulfillment of one’s true purpose. The challenging components are well worth the results!”

Tiffany Desrosiers, Singer and Songwriter

"A wonderfully thought out journey towards finding a deeper understanding of one’s SELF."

Amit Patel, Entrepreneur - Brand, Product & Systems Design

"Thank you for your help. I feel the noise is no longer happening inside my mind and I feel a sense of calm."

Manna Malhi, Business Owner

Screen Shot 2021-01-15 at 10.39.59 PM.png
“I acknowledge Amar and Carly for the Traits of the Great workshop. I thank them both for arming me with the tools to authentically accept and appreciate all the people in my life; past, present, and future.”

Parag Khare, IT Project Manager TELUS

"This was truly amazing. I was led through a very difficult journey to get to freedom from my past. I am forever thankful."


Christina Tondo, Financial Broker

Screen Shot 2021-01-15 at 11.28.08 PM.png
"Thank you for your help. I feel the noise is no longer happening inside my mind and I feel a sense of calm."

Kody Penner, Vice Chair Tahltan Nation Development Corporation

“I know the work that is done here, and find it very valuable. I keep coming back. I am able to balance out my emotions and heal and discover other emotions I didn’t feel I had. My life shifts and I have love and gratitude for the person, or event and become filled with a sense of peace within myself.”

Lilia Motz, Speaker and Registered Nurse

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"Amar and Carly have created a workshop that address the perceptions that are holding you back in creating real wealth. It is not for the faint of heart in the sense that you will not be able to lie to yourself anymore and you will no longer have excuses or conveniently play the role of a victim whenever you so choose, because when you see things for what they really are, your life will change, nothing will remain the same. They help us clear a lot of energy during the weekend but also give us tools that we walk away with to make sure we continually work on our wealth building goals with weekly accountability to ourselves. Highly recommend for those of you who are determined to be truly wealthy!"

Sanjeev Virk, Engrepreneu

“I came in unsure of what my future would look like and feeling very demotivated. I learned about how my values make me the person that I am and it explained why I was unhappy about my choices, whether it was my career goals or my inability to understand why the people around me act and behave the way they do. Working on myself helped me understand the people in my life better as well as understanding that I need to take steps in order to become my own authentic self. They helped me achieve that clarity I needed to become my own authentic self, something that I was suppressing in order to keep the people around me happy with who I was as a person. With the knowledge I gained in this workshop I can now focus on myself and my values and achieve greatness.”

Supreet Gil, Immigration Consultatn

Screen Shot 2021-01-15 at 11.10.09 PM.png
"Thank you for an amazing weekend workshop. Eye opening and useful in so many ways with tools I can use for the rest of my life. I reviewed much of the info the next morning and felt a wave of gratitude and appreciation for you both. A balanced life is so much more realistic and less disappointing than a glow in the dark Disney movie life or a agonizing "life sux" existence."

Jim Killon, Founder of Changes for New Hope

"Wow, what a phenomenal weekend. I gained greater clarity on my values and how this directly relates to building my business and setting meaningful and realistic goals; crushed my fears and emotional charges toward some past financial traumas; feel grateful for my debt instead of burdened, and so so much more! Not to mention many pearls of wisdom and “aha moments” sprinkled throughout the day :) If you are truly desiring to shift the trajectory of your financial future, I highly recommend this workshop. It is an intense and long weekend but you are guaranteed to leave feeling inspired and ready to take action. Much love and gratitude to  for creating this life changing work!"

Dr. Shilpa Agrawal, Business Owner and Chiropractor

"The information sunk in deeper than my first time through the course, “repetition is the godfather of all success”. The pace was perfect and my attention was held throughout the whole weekend. I would recommend this course to many people in my life and think anybody who opened up and embraced the knowledge would benefit greatly. If a critical mass on earth took and understood this course, humanity would interact with itself and its surroundings more symbiotically. Thank you both for everything"

Kyle Penner, Master Craftsman

"Having no idea what to expect coming in, showing up with an open mind and heart, this was an experience that was way more than I could have imagined. Realigning my actions with my authentic values. Recognizing that it was no accident that I showed up. Clearing emotional charges that were getting in the way and creating fear, doubt, and limiting my potential. I’m excited and energized as I move forward in my mission, vision and purpose. Thank you!"

Jill Decker, Business Owner & Therapist at Integrations Wellness & Recover Center, LLC

"The Traits of the Great Workshop has immensely shifted my perceptions and beliefs. It's very powerful methodology that will align and radiate authentic purpose. You will notice thought processes change over the course of the workshop. I was dealing with a traumatic experience from the past that has now become an BENEFIT my life. All the challenges were turned into gratitude and love. I can't thank Amar and Carly enough. Absolutely life-changing. "

Andre J. Fisher, Entrepreneur

"“In all honesty, when I first signed up for a group workshop, I was a little hesitant. I had never done anything like this before and didn’t know how what I was saying would be received. Were the issues I am having going to sound silly? Would I be judged? Would this even be helpful? I can honestly say that I am so happy I took part in this workshop. It was such a warm and welcoming group. Like a bunch of old friends. The group was led beautifully and I learned ways to work through challenges and ways I could improve my life. I took something meaningful away from each member of the group (and of course the teachers) and walked away feeling stronger and with a greater sense of clarity than before.”"

Jamie Oswald, Project Manager

"I have attended this two day journey multiple times now and each time I attend, I see a big transformation in my life! I highly recommend this to anyone if you want a big shift in your personal life, finances and business."

Chris Fisher, Business Owner

"No matter how many 1:1 sessions and how much work on myself I do, Carly and Amar always seem to provide an ‘unlock’ and new perspective that propels me forward. Traits of the Great is an intense weekend, with deep insights and emotional releases during/after. It’s an investment - of money, time, and energy - but one that pays off 100 times over. The synergies and reflections within group participants are no coincidence ;) The perspectives, tools and frameworks I learned continually support my growth. I’ve attended two Traits of the Great workshops and will continue to attend when I’m experiencing challenges or seeking major growth. If you want to be a 1%er, this is the team you need."

Hannah Stephens, Senior Director of Ecommerce JVN

"Amar and Carly are very clear in the delivery of the information they presented and their dedication to this work is evident in the support they provide which is very hands on and they are always available if any further assistance is needed."

Amanda Monteiro, Technical Project Coordinator Lululemon

"I just love how inspired you are to do this work together with us. Thank you for sharing your heart and soul with us, I will never forget this weekend"

Oksana Ulanovska, Global Marriage Recovery Consulta

"Amazing workshop! This is my second time taking it and I’m grateful for Amar and Carly. I got more clarity, breakthroughs, realizations, insights, knowledge, Entanglements and most importantly unconditional love. Serendipity at its finest!
Highly, highly recommend, you won’t be disappointed.
Grateful to release my emotional baggage, advance my potential and open my heart even more! 💖 💖 💖
Inspiring couple that walks their talk!"

Linda Avalos, CEO at Linda Xochitl Avalos Empowering Women

"Thank you so much for your guidance this weekend. I love how you make me see things from all different angles and that we can crack up together. It makes the work so much more fun!"

Morrin O'Shea, Health and Mindset Coach at Wholism

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