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There are so many messages out in the world that invite you to believe that you “should” be living your life a certain way, you “ought to” be thinking in a particular manner or you “have to” be doing something to be successful or happy. This results in an inner confusion that leaves people feeling stuck, depressed and uncertain about who they really are and what they are meant to be doing.


I assist my clients by using a different approach to creating an aligned, inspired and authentic life. Helping to give you insights into understanding why you're experiencing the challenges you are today, then utilizing proven systems to help you to transform these experiences from something that is debilitating, into something that is empowering.


No matter what you have gone through in the past or in the present, I will work with you to create the end result that frees you from your current limitations, stressors and realigns you with your most empowered and authentic self. Helping you to expand your purpose and goals, increase your self worth and enhance your overall emotional and physical well being.

The only thing that you have control over is your perceptions, decisions and actions. I will work with you to transform your perceptions so that you can empower your decisions and actions in a way that is more congruent to your authentic self and your life purpose.



Traits of the Great was created to address your biggest challenges so you can expand the clarity of your life's mission, tap into your entrepreneurial vision and experience who you were meant to be.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of tapping into your unique genius. It is a key step in transcending the internal conflict that holds you back from achieving your goals and understanding your purpose.

With the framework, I will ensure you realign your perceptions by working on your past and present challenges. This allows you to understand who you are, what you would love to do, and what strategic and inspired actions you can take to achieve those goals.

Wealth Accelerator is a yearly program created to help you to build the master to increase your wealth for financial independence and freedom. Learn how to  govern your perceptions and emotions around money to regain or increase your control of  your financial independence, transform your mindset so you are inspired from within to create financial independence and a legacy to leave behind (without needing motivation), uncover your hidden assets that you could already be creating.



There are many different methodologies and systems out there that give you the opportunity to cope with grief and loss. Overall our normal societal belief has been that these processes of grieving are necessary is something that we just have to learn to live with.

Generally we also identify with grief in regards to the loss of a person due to a death or disappearance in our lives. But grief can also arise when we have any type of disconnection with something that is valuable to us. The loss of a relationship, an opportunity, our wealth, our health, disconnect from our children or family, and more. 

No matter what type of grief you have or are currently still experiencing, know that you don’t have to hold onto this for years, or even your lifetime. Putting your life, your relationships or even your career on hold because of this pain is not something that you have to endure. You have a choice, you just don’t have the tools yet to be able to shift you through this challenge.

I work with my clients to overcome any grief they are experiencing, so that it no longer impacts their day to day life. They move forward and move on without any grief at all, free from the pain and hold it has on their emotions and decisions.

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