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Creating the Mindset to Move Beyond Procrastination

If you judge yourself for not doing the things you "should" be doing, sit back and watch this interview to get insights on how to transform where you are stuck so you can move forward.

From Procrastination to Movement

There are enough people out there who will tell you what to do with your life and how specifically you're meant to live it. The truth is, the only life that you will have intrinsic motivation to experience and grow, is the one that is uniquely purposeful to you.

In this interview facilitated by Aman Gill of Alive with Aman, I dive into understanding your own purpose and meaning in life, which ultimately makes you inspired daily to take action on a life you love. Instead of waiting or hoping for the motivation to have your life to magically appear. Become the master of your own mind, and in turn, you gain access to mastery of your own life.


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