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What people are saying about Carly


"Carly is a unique combination between vast knowledge and practicality, her insights enable me to see clearly the misconceptions I had within me and allow me to accept the path I'm on and to act from a pure state of awareness, both in business and in life that can make a huge difference. Thank you again, Carly. You're a force of change."

Yaron Sagi

Founder & CEO at Sagi&Co Inc. Co-Founder & Partner at TYPE5 AeroSpace VC


"I am really grateful that my husband found Carly and that I was able to work on my challenges with her. Before I met Carly, I was completely overwhelmed with doubts and regret, and I felt like I could never move on with my life. I couldn't even talk about my challenges without crying. But from the first consultation, Carly gave me hope that my situation could change. She helped me balance my perceptions one by one, and we worked through my memories and people, some of whom I never thought were related to the issue. After every session with her, I felt like I uncovered something new and felt grateful about life. Today I feel more confident because I learned from her the tools and questions I can ask myself when I encounter new challenges. I feel like a much different person now, moving forward with my purposes, goals and dreams."

Mao Murakami

Entrepreneur, Sparkly Belly

Michael Kallkowski

Michael Kallkowski

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"Carly has allowed me to clear years of accumulated emotional baggage from my conscious and unconscious mind. It’s like closing hundreds of windows and programs that are open in the background on your computer. It frees up a ton of energy and gives you a lot of life back. It makes you more peaceful, poised, calm, and it increases your resilience. I first was a bit sceptical about how much value I would get out of the coaching sessions. But I get a lot out of every session. So much so that I have recommended Carly to several of my entrepreneur friends."

Michael Kalkowski

Co-Founder, Managing and Creative Director at GameDuell


"I love this work so much! We worked on my clients ghosting me and me feeling stressed that I am losing business, but we found why I am secretly afraid, dissolved it and that same evening - two of them came back after ghosting me for weeks, and another one came back the day after. And just now - another one came completely from nowhere, but has the same profile of a "difficult" client that I no longer perceive as difficult. I love how you navigated my stress and helped me turn it into an opportunity. Love what you do, thank you for everything Carly."

Oksana Ulanovska

Global Marriage Recovery Consultant


"There were times when I talked to Carly when I was really upset, and we went through those situations. Then I had a shift in my perception, and it felt completely different. I was like, wow, this is amazing. I went from stormy to calm. The fact that you can deal with your monkey brain and different kinds of assumptions in an organized way, it just makes life easier, makes the emotions quieter. As far as impact on the quality of life, you can go to a therapist 3x per week for a long time, but for me, this is silly, because now there is another solution that is more advanced technology wise. And so I think your sessions were really really beneficial compared to other things that are in the market. If you're committed to growth, it's a no brainer."

Benny Plaksin

CEO at XTEND Media